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About Us
Our Values

We strongly care about keeping the earth clean and healthy, which is imperative to the vitality, happiness and well-being of every human on this planet. We stand by our duty to conserve precious resources and protect the environment for our future generations. We believe that most people share these values and want to do the right thing for their communities but they don’t know where to start; therefore, it is urgent that we act now to educate citizens and empower them to recycle so that together, we can conserve energy and reduce carbon emissions for the good of our communities and the entire world.

Our Mission

It has become common knowledge that due to increased demands on our time and chronic multitasking, people’s attention spans are shrinking at alarming rates. The latest reports indicate that human beings have less ability than a goldfish in this regard.

In addition, other stark realities of our changing times include rapid advances in communication technology and limited local government budgets. These are just some of the factors that have rendered society's recycling IQ dangerously low. There has even been recent literature calling for an end to recycling. We vehemently reject that suggestion, as do most experts.

These realities have made our mission to bridge the gap between local governments and residents that much more important. Our technology personalizes local waste and recycling program information and makes it instantly available on demand. We provide tools, resources and systems to municipalities that allow them to nurture their communities and create a recycling culture through effective outreach and personalized e-learning that is based on proven behavioral change psychology.

Through modern and innovative applications, we help residents better understand the impact of their actions and we empower them with tools to make recycling not just a one-time event but a part of their lifestyle.

Our Team

We are a group of dedicated recycling and solid waste experts with a large global vision to leave this world better than how we found it. Our team is committed to making a positive impact on society by making recycling easier and more accessible for residents and municipalities. We accomplish this by combining modern technology with the most effective education methods available to inspire positive and lasting change. We’re based in beautiful Toronto, Canada, but our efforts have a global reach.

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