Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada

Unleash the true potential of  community recycling and make a positive impact.

Download the Recycle Coach app to get official waste & recycling information from your local government.

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Unleash the true potential ofcommunity recycling and make a positive impact.

Get the tools you need to recycle correctly.

Personalized collection calendar and pick-up reminders
What Goes Where material look-up tool
Drop-off locations and local recycling events
Learn more about municipality stages.

Charlottetown is a Recycle Coach Stage 3 municipality

Most people are concerned about the environment and want to do the right thing. In fact, many think they already are doing what they can by recycling ‘everything’. In the industry this is known as ‘wish-cycling’ and it is the number one contributor to a major problem called contamination.

Stage 3 means your local government is taking action to reduce contamination in your community. They have joined the Recycle Coach platform and are making sure you have the most accurate waste and recycling information possible.

Workplace Recycling

People love Recycle Coach and local governments have embraced it as an inexpensive and effective way to improve recycling knowledge. Local businesses can now help boost recycling outcomes in their community by elevating recycling awareness in their workplace.

Taking the first step is easy. Download the Recycle Coach app and set up your home and workplace locations. It’s free and anyone can do it. You’ll have access to resources that help build recycling awareness and knowledge, both at work and at home.

Learn more about starting a recycling education
program at your workplace.


Does your workplace support recycling?

31 Kindred Avenue, Charlottetown, PE
16 Parkman Drive, Charlottetown, PE
Emerson lodge
34 Kent Street, Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island
Park ave day program
Mt Edward Grocery (102333 PEI INC )
235 Mt Edward Rd, Charlottetown, PE
Biovectra INC
11 Aviation Avenue, Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island
Veterans Affairs Canada
98 Fitzroy Street, Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island
The 5th Wave Espresso & Tea Bar
181 Queen Street, Charlottetown, PE
Lynn Cottage
Charlottetown, PE
Q+D Cafe
88 Kent Street, Charlottetown, PE
22 Garfield St, Charlottetown, PE
Advantage Communications Inc
265 Brackley Point Road, Charlottetown, PE
18 Amanda Drive, Charlottetown, PE
Island EMS
229 Sherwood Road, Charlottetown, PE
Brighton Construction
99 Pownal Street, Charlottetown, PE
Euston Street, Charlottetown, PE
Merchantman Pub
23 Queen St
Canadian Food Inspection Agency
690 University Avenue, Charlottetown, PE
Kettle Black
45 Queen St
Cbi Health Ctr
199 Grafton St # 105
Cbcl Limited
135 St Peters Rd
Drs Guy and Andrew Boswall
18 Macleod Street, Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island
Route 2 Auto Sales
Route # 2
Pe Provincial Correctional Ctr
508 Sleepy Hollow Rd
Atlantic Veterinary College
550 University Ave
Charlottetown Truck
7256 St Peters Rd-Rte # 2
Cows Creamery
397 Capital Dr
Delta Prince Edward
18 Queen St
Gahan House Pub Brewery
126 Sydney St
Hillsborough Hospital
115 Murchison Ln
Maritime Electric Co Ltd
180 Kent St
P E Island Waste Management
110 Watts Ave
Pe J Frank Gaudet Tree Nursery
Upton Rd
Prince Edward Home
75 Maypoint Rd
Prince Edward Island Deputy
11 Kent
Prince Edward Island Teachers
16 Fitzroy St
Quality Inn Suites Downtown
150 Euston St
Queen Charlotte Intermediate
150 North River Rd
Queen Elizabeth Hospital
60 Riverside Dr
84 Fitzroy St
Superior Sanitation Svc Ltd
7 Superior Cres
Value Village
339 University Ave # 5
80 Buchanan Dr
Cornwall Veterinary Clinic
Prestige Kitchens Ltd
400 University Ave
Longworth House
27 Ole King Sq
65 Edward
65 Edward Street, Charlottetown, PE