Tucson, Arizona, USA

Unleash the true potential of  community recycling and make a positive impact.

Download the Recycle Coach app to get official waste & recycling information from your local government.

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Unleash the true potential ofcommunity recycling and make a positive impact.

Get the tools you need to recycle correctly.

Personalized collection calendar and pick-up reminders
What Goes Where material look-up tool
Drop-off locations and local recycling events
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Tucson is a Recycle Coach Stage 3 municipality

Most people are concerned about the environment and want to do the right thing. In fact, many think they already are doing what they can by recycling ‘everything’. In the industry this is known as ‘wish-cycling’ and it is the number one contributor to a major problem called contamination.

Stage 3 means your local government is taking action to reduce contamination in your community. They have joined the Recycle Coach platform and are making sure you have the most accurate waste and recycling information possible.

Workplace Recycling

People love Recycle Coach and local governments have embraced it as an inexpensive and effective way to improve recycling knowledge. Local businesses can now help boost recycling outcomes in their community by elevating recycling awareness in their workplace.

Taking the first step is easy. Download the Recycle Coach app and set up your home and workplace locations. It’s free and anyone can do it. You’ll have access to resources that help build recycling awareness and knowledge, both at work and at home.

Learn more about starting a recycling education
program at your workplace.


Does your workplace support recycling?

City Of Tucson
481 W Paseo Redondo
Hollinger K-8 school
150 West Ajo Way, Tucson, AZ
Flamingo Depot
2221 South Camino Seco, Tucson, AZ
3362 East Fort Lowell Road, Tucson, AZ
Brannon Group Nova Home Loans
3430 East Sunrise Drive, Tucson, AZ
Rincon Cleaners
8323 East Broadway Boulevard, Tucson, AZ
Marquez Plaza
4420 East Speedway Boulevard, Tucson, AZ
Saenz and Associates
2750 North Stone Avenue, Tucson, AZ
2513 N Campbell Ave, Tucson, AZ
Marco Crane & Rigging
4142 East Tennessee Street, Tucson, AZ
First Brethren Church
201 North Columbus Boulevard, Tucson, AZ
Arizona State Schools For The Deaf And The Blind
1200 W Speedway Blvd
Blue Tang
5635 East Linden Street, Tucson, AZ
The Church of the Painted Hills
3295 West Speedway Boulevard, Tucson, AZ
Essilor International
3840 E 5th St
1100 South 6th Avenue, Tucson, AZ
Rental house
2026 South Birdie Circle, Tucson, AZ
The Residence on 4th
634 North 4th Avenue, Tucson, AZ
Ibm Corp
9000 S Rita Rd
Pima Community College
1255 N Stone Ave
Net Zero Solar
945 W Silverlake Rd, Tucson, AZ 85713, United States
Miller-Golf Links Library
9640 East Golf Links Road, Tucson, AZ
Banner Health
1625 N Campbell Ave, Tucson, AZ
Breathe Easy
242 South Olsen Avenue, Tucson, AZ
Cyracom International
2801 E Elvira Rd, Tucson, AZ
Pantano Christian Churc
1755 S Houghton Rd
Mom's house
7025 East Cll Neptuno, Tucson, Arizona
Reid Park Zoo
1030 S Randolph Way
Beacon Group
Po Box 50544
3111 South Doucette Lane, Tucson, AZ
CODAC Behavioral Health & Wellness
1075 East Fort Lowell Road, Tucson, AZ
8130 South Houghton Road, Tucson, AZ
Intuit Tucson
2800 East Commerce Center Place, Tucson, AZ
Ambiance Pool Svc
Po Box 89067
2555 North Edith Boulevard, Tucson, AZ
2737 North Goyette Avenue, Tucson, AZ
6701 S Kolb Rd, Tucson, AZ 85756, United States
3242 East Arroyo Chico, Tucson, AZ
Arista Healthcare
1636 North Swan Road, Tucson, AZ
Rubin & Bernstein PLLC
382 South Convent Avenue, Tucson, AZ
Michael a Davis CPA Ltd
2550 North Country Club Road, Tucson, AZ