San Antonio, Texas, USA

Start a movement to make recycling better in your hometown.

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Start a movement to make recycling better in your hometown and be a green pioneer.

20 /20

Be part of a grassroots movement to improve recycling in your community! By being one of the first 20 residents of your municipality to download the Recycle Coach app, you’ll earn the exclusive Founder Badge when your municipality enters Stage 2. Plus, you’ll unlock essential recycling information for you and every other resident.

Hooray! You’ve reached your target. Great job! Our Implementation team has been advised to upgrade your municipality to Stage 2. Soon you’ll have access to recycling pick-up reminders and the What Goes Where recycling look-up tool! Stay tuned for a status update!

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San Antonio is a Recycle Coach Stage 1 municipality

Most people are concerned about the environment and want to do the right thing. In fact, many think they already are doing what they can by recycling ‘everything’. This is known as ‘wish-cycling’ and it is the major contributor to a problem called contamination.

As a Stage 1 municipality, the tools your residents need to improve local recycling have not yet been unlocked. Getting to Stage 2 is easy. Simply get 20 residents to download the Recycle Coach app and select your municipality. You’ll be notified when recycling pick-up reminders and access to the What Goes Where sorting tool is available. By being one of the first 20 residents you’ll earn a Founders Badge when you enter Stage 2!

Workplace Recycling

People love Recycle Coach and local governments have embraced it as an inexpensive and effective way to improve recycling knowledge. Local businesses can now help boost recycling outcomes in their community by elevating recycling awareness in their workplace.

Taking the first step is easy. Download the Recycle Coach app and set up your home and workplace locations. It’s free and anyone can do it. You’ll have access to resources that help build recycling awareness and knowledge, both at work and at home.

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program at your workplace.