Recycling has changed

Recycling used to be simple – the same five basic material types were picked up most everywhere. Hand-sorting at the curb was common and ineligible items were rejected. Today, no two programs are the same, we have new packaging types and there is no curbside oversight to tell residents if they do something wrong. It’s no wonder contamination is so widespread.

Modernizing communication is essential

Recycling Coordinators lack sufficient resources to overcome the myriad of individual issues that contribute to contamination. Traditional methods of outreach are no longer as effective, in large part because residents aren’t aware there’s a problem so they aren’t looking for a solution. Low-cost, high-impact technology can help Recycling Coordinators regain control.

Our Solution

Recycle Coach is a modern communication platform that makes it easy for residents to get fast and accurate information about their local recycling program. At its core is a free mobile app with personalized recycling schedules, pick-up reminders, What Goes Where, and activities making recycling education fun, simple, and engaging.

Our Approach

Our approach is simple. We use community-building techniques to encourage residents to download the Recycle Coach app. Next, we teach them the fundamentals of recycling so they can make better recycling decisions. Finally we focus their attention on the specific materials that are harming your program. The entire experience is gamified to encourage participation and self-improvement.