Establish communication

You can’t force people to connect, but you can offer them a free mobile app that they willingly download and use because it makes their life easier.

By downloading the Recycle Coach app, residents establish a direct communications link with you.

Explain there’s a problem

People are less likely to take action against a problem they don’t know exists. Through the app communication features, residents learn about contamination and how it impacts local recycling programs. They learn Recycling Fundamentals that help them make better recycling decisions without having to memorize every item in your recycling program.

Target problem items

Our gamified environment encourages residents to continue their learning journey with Misunderstood Materials. Plus, each month target five additional materials for special attention, based on seasonality, contribution to contamination or to increase capture rates.

Get more users

Recycle Coach has been proven to change behavior and reduce contamination. Getting more residents to participate is the key to improving overall program performance. The Recycle Coach platform encourages residents, workplaces and local government to work together to build a more sustainable community.