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Municipal Recycling Education
Free tools to improve your recycling outreach

We all want to be better recyclers. At Recycle Coach, it’s our end game, and we know it’s yours too. Recycling makes your city work better. It makes residents feel better. Educated recyclers improve the quality of the recycling materials you collect and keep recyclables out of the landfill. Their actions cut processing costs and increase resale value for your municipality. Together you protect the environment.

But there are lots of things working against you. Limited resources, websites that don’t give you the flexibility you need and, of course, budgets. That’s where we come in. We are a passionate, hardworking team that has spent 15 years combining modern education techniques and technology to help local governments improve their recycling outreach. We offer free tools and reports, and we have developed advanced software that can dramatically improve how your residents get information about your local waste and recycling program.

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Client Profiles

Mercer County

City of Palmdale

City of Tucson

Fredrick County

Proud supporter of America Recycles Day

Recycling outreach support

Reach more residents

Expand your network

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Make information accessible

Easily upgrade your website

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Educate and encourage

Personalize your outreach

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How we work

Pick-and-choose service menu

Recycle Coach has a range of free services to get you started. We also offer modules with additional functionality to enhance your website or help you meet your program goals at reasonable rates. View packages

Launch on time

We understand that every municipal program is different. Our team has the experience and know-how to deliver city- or countywide implementations within almost any timeline.

Minimize work for your staff

We understand your staff is busy, and we go the extra mile to save them time. Our implementation process is designed to minimize disruption and reliance on staff resources.

You're in control

Our management system gives you real-time control over most resident-facing information and communications. Our systems are easy to learn; we offer extensive training, plus email, phone and online chat support. We also conduct monthly training webinars where you can learn tips and tricks and share ideas.

Promotional toolkit

We offer a variety of tools to help you increase your user base, including a press release template.

Monthly reporting

We’ll send you a monthly report with all the stuff you want to know – how many residents are using the technology, what they’re looking up, how many additional people signed up for emergency and non-emergency notifications and more.

Security and hosting

Our privacy policies are comprehensive and meet the requirements of the jurisdictions in which we operate. Our sophisticated hosting arrangements allow us to provide 99.9999% uptime. Need specifics? Ask us.

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Flexible pricing options

Recycle Coach is used by thousands of local governments in countries around the world. Use our services and tools for free or upgrade for as little as $999 per year.

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