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Our Approach

We empower communities with recycling education by delivering lessons tailored to how your residents like to learn on devices they already use.

Most people support recycling; they want to do their part, do the right thing. They believe recycling is good for the environment and is a positive action against climate change.

Yet despite good intentions, recycling programs are losing money and some municipalities have curtailed or even shut down their recycling program. How did it get this bad?

Residents are mostly unaware there is a problem. Most people want to recycle and try hard to, but they do not do it correctly. Wish-cycling is out of control. Some have given up on recycling altogether. To top it off, most municipalities simply do not have the resources and long-term planning flexibility to fix the issues before it is too late.

Recycling is like other household tasks; it takes time and practice to perfect. A long-term plan is essential for residents to learn how to recycle right, too.

This is where Recycle Coach comes in. We offer personalized learning that is affordable – a realistic choice for your municipality.

  • We start with helping residents understand there is a problem
  • We offer personalized learning experiences through a learning management system and curriculum designed to tap into residents’ motivations driven by Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • We encourage life-long learning, showing residents’ progress
  • We provide user data and analytics so you can monitor long-term knowledge gain by your residents

The science is unequivocal; personalized learning is transforming how people gain and improve skills.

It makes sense; all of us care about different things and our learning preferences are diverse. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is transforming many aspects of our lives and personalizing learning is one of those ways. Our recycling education modules and campaigns adapt to each resident, delivering content that is personalized, engaging and fun. You can choose the messages that they need to learn, targeting your municipality’s problem areas, and our system will deliver the lesson in a way that resonates with each resident.

Self-directed discovery enhances engagement and life-long learning.

We all live busy lives and receive more media messages each day than we can possibly acknowledge or retain. Most of us engage where we have to, and where we want to. This is why allowing residents to learn how to be a better recycler works best when they can choose their path. Our tools and engaging content tap into the intrinsic reward system of each resident, so they feel motivated by their own progress to continue learning.