Recycle Coach FAQ | Information for Municipal and County Governments


What does the set-up process look like?

Set-up is handled mostly by the Recycle Coach (RC) implementation team. Here’s what the process looks like:
1. Initial onboarding meeting to go over the implementation plan plus confirm the services offered to residents (e.g. curbside recycling pick-up, etc.)
2. RC set-up of collection and event schedules
3. Client completes a checklist of what is accepted
4. Client approves completed material database information
5. Soft launch – web app is added to municipality’s website
6. Staff briefing document and press release

Do you require any GIS involvement?

Ideally, yes. Pick-up zone GIS shape files (e.g. KML files) make set-up easier and more convenient for residents, as they need to only enter their address to complete the process. We can also accept address files. Where this data isn’t available, we will work with you to find the best solution.

How much time should city staff expect to spend on implementation?

Unlike so-called ‘white label’ solutions that can take 60-100 hours to set up, most of our clients are fully operational with much less effort in a fraction of the time. Estimated time to complete tasks are:

  • Project management: 2-4 hours
  • Provide GIS collection zone files: 1 hour
  • Material database set-up: 1 hour
  • Material database approval: 1-2 hours
  • Install web-app onto your website: 15 minutes
  • Launch/promotion activities: 2-4 hours

Total: 7-14 hours

How do we update program schedules and other details?

Updating schedules and program details is really easy, because we do it for you. No fumbling for passwords or re-learning the system a couple times per year. Just send us the new schedules or the program updates and we’ll get them in the system. Included in all packages are four updates per year, and for each one we’ll do as many changes as you need us to.

What commitment do you require?

There’s no long-term commitment. Almost all of our clients join Recycle Coach and then just continue to pay the annual fee each year. You’re free to upgrade, downgrade or even leave the network whenever you wish.

How does the billing work?

Once the onboarding call is completed you will be invoiced for the first-year annual fee. Each year on the anniversary, a new invoice will be issued for the upcoming year. Payment terms are net 30 days.

What is your privacy policy?

We don’t monetize user data, which means we’ll never sell, rent or lease it to third parties. Recycle Coach only collects information to improve our products and provide you and your residents with a personalized experience. We’re totally transparent about how we collect and store information and encourage clients and users to read our Privacy Policy and User Agreement for more information.

What is your data security set-up?

Our US-based hosting is provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS), the gold standard in cloud-based security — used by Netflix, Adobe, Dow Jones and others. Our infrastructure is supported by Amazon Web Services (AWS), which allows us to provide industry-leading security to all our members, including:

  • Firewalls and VPNs to protect server communications
  • Extended validation SSL certificates on every login page
  • Backup data stored securely offsite
  • Defense against DoS, DDoS, and a variety of other cyber threats

How do you handle accessibility requirements?

At Recycle Coach accessibility is something we believe in. Our independent third-party validation status ensures that Recycle Coach’s services conform to Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act. We’re also constantly looking at ways we can leverage new technology to make our technology accessible to everyone. That’s one reason why we’ve added voice search to our list of capabilities.

Do you handle all support issues?

Yes. We provide support for all technical issues, whether from city staff or residents. Non-technical issues, such as pick-up inquiries, are re-routed as per your instructions (e.g. to city staff or your hauler, depending on its nature).