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Ask Milo "What Goes Where?" Search Tool

If wish-cycling is an issue in your municipality, the Ask Milo “What Goes Where?” search engine is the tool for your residents! They can Ask Milo and he’ll answer with local recycling program’s rules, taking the guesswork out of recycling.

Personalized Collection Calendar

Are residents missing their collection or getting confused about holiday schedule changes? Equip them with a customized schedule that is always up to date, so they never miss garbage or recycling collection again.

Emergency and Non-Emergency Notifications

Need to notify residents of last minute changes and news updates? Communicate emergency and non-emergency messages to your residents through  their smartphone notifications. If something changes, you can rest assured that your residents know.


Want to reduce the calls to your department and have a streamlined way of involving residents in spotting problem areas? Whether it’s missed collections or notifying your team of vandalism, the Report-a-Problem feature gives residents a platform to contact their local government directly.

Launch Promotion Package

Need marketing consultation and promotional materials to launch the new product in your municipality? Our “quick start program” sees up to 30% more successful user acquisition upon launch over clients who adopt the product without a marketing campaign.

Recycle Coach University

Educate residents on what it means to recycle properly, why it’s important, and how to do it. Personalized learning driven by Artificial Intelligence and a host of entertaining games and activities to engage residents are the foundation of Recycle Coach University to ensure that your residents engage with and retain recycling education.