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Find out if your municipality uses Recycle Coach and join 6.8+ million people who are fighting to put an end to poor recycling practices forever.

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Amazing App! This app has completely helped me become better at recycling and more knowledgeable. I could not live without it!


This app is really nice to have, I don't miss any garbage pick up's anymore. And they send you a message if there is a schedule change.

Amanda Bradley

Great App. Super convenient and easy to use. Love being able to search to figure out where my items go (trash, recycling or green bin). Definitely recommend.


Great app for clarification of what is or is not recyclable. Use to clean and wash so many items that I now find are plain regular trash. Love it.


The Best Recycle App for Your Community

There’s an app that makes you a better recycler with very little effort. The Recycle Coach app is a handy suite of tools that shows you better ways to recycle over time. From up-to-date collection schedules to inspiring educational campaigns and our ‘what goes where’ tool, the Coachlings give you what you need to become a pro-recycler.

Ever wondered, “What items are recyclable? What can I do to save local wildlife species? When does my recycling get collected? What can I do to help climate change?” Contribute to a smarter, cleaner and healthier local municipality by downloading the recycle app that raises your recycling IQ.

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The Recycle Coach Mobile App

The pocket-sized suite that helps you improve your municipal recycling program

Personalized Collection Schedules

Do you wake up wondering if today is collection day? Get a customized schedule that is always up to date, and never miss garbage or recycling collection again.

Pick Up and Event Reminders

Is recycling at home a daily challenge? Get important recycling program pick up and event reminders from the app. Enjoy the Coachlings’ tips, which gradually improve your recycling IQ.

What Goes Where Search Tool

How do you recycle certain materials in your area? With the Ask Milo “What Goes Where?” tool, you won’t have to guess! Ask Milo and he’ll tell you what your local recycling program’s rules are.

Engaging Recycling Education

Need to learn better ways to recycle, fast? Get essential recycling information delivered by the Coachlings. These engaging lessons come in the form of videos, infographics, and even comic strips!

Instant Program Notifications

Do you miss last-minute program changes? Learn how to recycle properly with our emergency and non-emergency notifications in-app from your local government. If something changes, you’ll know.

Quickly Report a Problem

Did no one pitch to collect your recycling today? Quickly report a problem with your recycling at home in just a few clicks. The Recycle Coach app connects you with your municipality!

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Find My Municipality

Is Recycle Coach in your city, town or borough? We’re the biggest and the best recycle app to use if you want to demystify how your municipality’s recycling program works. Discover what services are available in your area. Here’s how to start recycling to help save your city’s program. Find your municipality, join the movement!

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How do you recycle pizza boxes, coffee cups and Styrofoam? In North America, 1 in 4 items is incorrectly recycled. What about getting rid of certain materials like CD’s or motor oil? There are better ways to recycle with our tools. Use this one when you want to know more about what can and can’t be recycled. It always has the right answers.