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36 Ideas, Big and Small, for an Eco-friendly Home

April 22, 2020

Celebrate the 50th Earth Day with personal stories of lifestyle changes and essential tips from people across North America

 In February 2020, Recycle Coach asked our users and community members:
“What are your tips, tricks, and lifestyle changes showing your love for the environment?”

Our community answered. Here are select stories from 36 individuals across North America.
We hope they make you smile,
spark curiosity about your own habits,
reinvigorate your love for the environment,
and inspire you to make similar changes in your life.

Read on here (or tap the cover page above!). And don’t forget: the simplest first step to a sustainable lifestyle is recycling right. Download our app now to recycle properly.

Download from Google Play Store | Download from iTunes App Store

Happy 50th Earth Day!

Have ideas you want to pitch or want to write for Recycle Coach? Email us at

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