2021 new recycling statistics

21+ New Recycling Statistics for 2021 (And Beyond)

What are the latest US recycling statistics in 2021? For Public Works Directors, knowing the most current statistics in the recycling space will help inform the policy and programs you put in place this year. While the EPA has not updated its official reports since

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resident recycling education

The Importance of Recycling Education for City Residents

When you think of recycling education what springs to mind? Maybe it’s a classroom filled with kids, and a teacher holding a papier-mâché earth. Or a business conference where climate leaders speak about sending less waste to overburdened landfills. Whatever image comes to mind, it’s unlikely

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Newark DE Pilot Study Reducing Plastic Bag Contamination

Brand New Pilot Study: How Newark, DE Reduced Plastic Bag Contamination with Recycle Coach

Find out how Newark, DE reduce their plastic bag contamination by 82% Excerpt below: The City of Newark approached Recycle Coach with a dilemma. How do they teach residents that plastic bags can’t be recycled and recyclables shouldn’t be bagged? Like many cities, Newark has

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Brand New Pilot Study: How Recycle Coach Reduced Contamination by 81% in Aurora, ON

Download the Pilot Study on How Town Reduced Contamination with Recycling Education The Town of Aurora, Ontario in Canada worked with Recycle Coach to educate its residents on proper recycling. The results showcase how recycling education helped the town reduce waste contamination. Excerpt below: The

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How to Improve Food Waste Management in Your City

How much do your residents know about food waste management?

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