Should Your City Be Recycling Electric Car Batteries?

Is it time for your city to start recycling electric car batteries? As more residents decide to invest in hybrid and fully electric vehicles – the lingering issue of what to do with toxic lithium batteries grows. Today we explore the importance of EV battery

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food waste statistics post

13+ Food Waste Statistics That Need Your Urgent Attention

Food waste statistics like these can be a shock to the system. Today we take a pragmatic look at the state of food scraps and waste in North America – with a view to make things better. According to the EPA, municipal food waste is

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plastic pandemic

2020-2022: The Plastic Pandemic (And How to Manage It)

A plastic pandemic is coming to your municipality. For the past two years, since international action was taken to curb the spread of COVID-19, plastic production has escalated to blinding new heights. This is what your municipality can do in response. It’s been two full

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Recycling statistics image

32+ Recycling Statistics and Facts for 2022

Recycling statistics help municipal leaders make sense of a broad and ever-changing landscape. With this facts and stats list, we can glean insight into which parts of the recycling system need work, where investment makes the most sense, and which models are working best across

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Recycling technology innovation

5 New Recycling Technology Trends (2022 Edition)

Will new recycling technology finally take the industry from flat to flourishing in 2022? The new year promises a wide range of developments, innovations and trends that are making the world greener. The New York Times recently said that the Covid crisis is now a

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