Top 3 Mixed Material Recyclables That Your Program Should Start Accepting

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Sonoco. The issue of mixed material recyclables has been a constant headache for many municipal recycling programs. Mixed materials are items that contain more than one material, traditionally making them difficult to recycle. For example, if a mixed paper

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Title of blog and Recycle Coach logo on top of image of shredded paper int he shape of Australia

5 Advances in Australian Recycling Policy (Initiatives that can Change the Industry)

The Australian recycling industry has gone through the same struggles as many other countries in the recent past as China changed what they accept for recycling in 2018 and as Covid-19 hit in 2020. These two factors have increased the need to make sweeping changes

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plastic pollution in the ocean

7+ New Facts About Plastic Pollution in the Ocean (2022)

Plastic pollution in the ocean is on the rise, despite country-wide initiatives to reduce the flow. In today’s post we reveal the latest facts about this marine waste to guide your program development. Ocean plastics should be part of your waste reduction and recycling initiatives

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Should Your City Be Recycling Electric Car Batteries?

Is it time for your city to start recycling electric car batteries? As more residents decide to invest in hybrid and fully electric vehicles – the lingering issue of what to do with toxic lithium batteries grows. Today we explore the importance of EV battery

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food waste statistics post

13+ Food Waste Statistics That Need Your Urgent Attention

Food waste statistics like these can be a shock to the system. Today we take a pragmatic look at the state of food scraps and waste in North America – with a view to make things better. According to the EPA, municipal food waste is

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