Recycling technology innovation

5 New Recycling Technology Trends (2022 Edition)

Will new recycling technology finally take the industry from flat to flourishing in 2022? The new year promises a wide range of developments, innovations and trends that are making the world greener. The New York Times recently said that the Covid crisis is now a

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green waste recycling

Why Green Waste Recycling Should Be a Priority in 2022

Green waste recycling is the best way your municipality can reduce greenhouse gasses in 2022 and beyond. Today’s post explores why it needs to take center stage for you and your team next year. In the past, municipalities have collected green waste in the form

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plastic waste statistics

7+ Revealing Plastic Waste Statistics (2021)

Which plastic waste statistics will make the largest impact on your recycling programs next year? Here are answers to the most asked questions on plastic waste, pollution, and recycling in 2021. As a recycling coordinator, it’s your job to motivate municipal residents to recycle better.

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holiday recycling programs

5 Holiday Recycling Programs to Launch This Year

Which holiday recycling programs will get you the highest recycling rates? As your municipality shifts gear to prepare for yet another festive season, it’s time to review how to increase recycling participation over the holidays. A new municipal program will inspire your residents to focus

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header image for metal can recycling

Is it Time to Expand Your City’s Metal Can Recycling?

Metal can recycling is the bread and butter of every city’s recycling program. Today we look at the advances in tin can recycling, and whether your municipality is keeping up with change, or falling behind with one of the easiest materials to recycle. In 2014,

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