We offer local recycling programs innovative solutions that help overcome specific challenges-- each preventing your residents from becoming better recyclers. We help address:

Resident Complacency

Residents don’t know there’s a problem when it comes to their recycling habits. They think they’re doing a good job and are not motivated to do anything more than what they’re doing now.

Personalized learning

Each resident is different in terms of recycling knowledge, motivation and the effort they are willing to make to get better. A ‘one- size-fits-all’ educational program doesn’t work.

Reaching more residents

On average, only 16% of residents visit their municipality’s waste & recycling pages each year. How do you reach the rest who aren’t actively looking for information?

The Recycle Coach/My Waste app provides the City of Corpus Christi with an important tool to keep our customers informed and self-reliant, at a budget-friendly cost to the City

- Lawrence Mikolajczyk, Director, Solid Waste Operations, City of Corpus Christi, TX

Our Approach

Our focus is on education and encouragement. We help you overcome the challenges that are preventing your residents from being better recyclers by first eliminating these barriers:

Satisfy everyday resident inquiries by providing fast 24/7 access to personalized information

Establish a connection with each resident that enables ongoing education and encouragement 

Collection and Event Schedules

Nowhere is personalization more important than for reminders, where 94.8% of residents elect to customize their reminder for a specific collection type or event, rather than getting a standard weekly reminder.

Works Great! I’m not real tech enabled (old), but this has been a great help!

-J.O.,Andriod app user

Pick-up and Event Reminders

Reminders not only establish a valuable communication link, but they also provide an excellent and ongoing opportunity to include helpful messages that motivate and educate residents.

Sign up for our FREE MSW Access Account that allows residents to get personalized collection and event schedules + reminders!

Real Time Emergency and Non-Emergency Notifications

Notifications are a key reason why we place such emphasis on reaching more residents by leveraging the Recycle Coach Community. The larger your subscriber list, the more residents you can inform about a weather-related collection delay, program change, public consultation or special event.

***Free Electronics Drop-off TODAY***
Saturday, July 23 - 9 AM to 2 PM

Bring unwanted electronics to the County Transfer Station located at 1526 Laird Road. Open to Orange County residents only. For more information and to learn about what is accepted - and NOT accepted - click on the Collection Event Details link.

A snowstorm helped New Brunswick, NJ increase their subscriber base by 10%

Report a Problem

As we all know, many people prefer to communicate electronically, rather than by phone. The Report-a-Problem feature lets you know instantly about an issue a resident is experiencing. Reports can be sent directly to one or more email addresses, or integrated into SeeClickFix and most work order systems.

At first were a bit concerned that we’d get swamped with complaints or people would complain about irrelevant things, but that hasn’t been the case. This is a great, useful tool for us, our residents and our waste hauler!

Shannon Meister, Education Coordinator,
City of Council Bluffs, IA

‘What Goes Where?’ Material Search

It’s not uncommon for 35% or more of inbound calls to be about how to recycle or dispose of a specific item or material. Reduce calls by making it simpler for residents to get the information they want.

This ‘What Goes Where?’ material look-up tool is customized to reflect your exact program details. Best of all, the entire set-up is done by our implementation team, based on your website and other materials you provide.

Read how Recycle Coach/ MyWaste technology is helping Frederick County, MD

Read how Recycle Coach/ MyWaste technology is helping Frederick County, MD

‘What type of recycler are you?’ Quiz

The 'What type of recycler are you?' quiz can be customized to your program, and is much more than just a popular web activity. It helps residents:

Understand there's more to recycling than they thought

Encourages them to become a subscriber to your program

Initiates a personalized education program

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