Reach More Residents

Reaching as many residents as possible with the right information is key to a thriving recycling network. And while connecting with residents who are actively looking for waste and recycling information is easy, growing your communications reach beyond that is really tough - especially if you have a limited budget and you’re trying to do it on your own.

The Recycle Coach community helps local governments reach more residents by not only leveraging Recycle Coach’s engaging content and user base, but also through referrals from family and friends who live elsewhere.

Technology Platforms

The communication model has changed; it’s now the resident who dictates when, where and how it will happen. Local governments are responding by making program details easy to find through multiple technology platforms that are simple to implement.

Web App

Instantly upgrade your website by providing a Fast Access link to the information residents want most. Our implementation team sets up the initial content management database using information they get from your website and other materials you provide!

Mobile App

Easy access to information through mobile devices has become essential, even in communities with an older demographic.

Facebook App

It’s official. Social media is here to stay - and it’s a useful way to get information to residents. Surprisingly, 62%* of Americans report they get news through social media. 


Recycle Coach Website

Recycle Coach’s engaging content and user acquisition strategies are an important source of information and subscribers.