Working With Us

We offer a variety of options to suit your needs and budget, and all packages include reporting so you can manage your program effectively. We handle all hosting and User support, so there are minimal IT requirements, and initial set-up is handled by our implementation team.

Free Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) Access Account

Enables your residents to get a personalized collection and event schedule from a dedicated page on the Recycle Coach website , and provides them with the tools to set customized reminders for things like regular collections, holiday changes and events. Grow your local community faster with a link from your own website, and encourage residents to take the ‘What type of recycler are you?’ quiz.

Inform Package

Includes everything in the free MSW Access Account, and allows residents to get their personalized schedule and set reminders without ever leaving your website. Implementation is fast and easy, and the cost is just $999/yr.

Communicate Package

Communication is the key component of recycling education, and it’s the reason we place such an emphasis on Reaching More Residents. In addition to all the Inform Package features, the Communicate Package allows you add educational messages to the reminders residents receive and send real time emergency and non-emergency notifications. Annual fee is based on population, and starts at just $1200/yr. for a single municipality with less than 10K residents.

Educate Package

For most solid waste programs, “How do I recycle or dispose of ...?” is the most common question residents ask. The Educate Package features our advanced ‘What Goes Where’ search tool that provides the answers. Meticulously customized to your program by our implementation team, it includes collection requirements, drop-off details, and information about how items are recycled. For those programs with simple collection programs – or in situations where curbside collection is handled by others – this is an ideal package, particularly since it includes all the features of the free MSW Access Account. The Educate Package is just $1,800/yr for a single municipality with less than 10K residents.

Engage Package

The Engage Package is, by far, our most popular package. It combines the Communicate and Educate Packages to provide a comprehensive suite of outreach and educational capabilities, and is just $2,500/yr (for a single municipality with a population of less than 10K).

Recycle Coach Client Success Stories

City of Tucson

Connecting with the Hispanic Community

Frederick County

Doing More With Less

City of Palmdale

Used Oil Collection Increased 59%

Mercer County

Reduced Print Costs, Better Attendance

City of College Station

Communicating with students

City of New Brunswick

Emergency notifications increased usage

City of Launceston

Reaching more residents

County of Kaua’i

Better communication in rural areas

Why sign up for a Free MSW Access Account?
  • Free personalized collection and event schedules for your residents
  • Free collection and event reminders – including special reminders for holiday changes
  • Free ‘What type of recycler are you?’ quiz to help your residents be better recyclers
  • Free access to helpful articles (e.g. “Are bottle caps recyclable?”)
  • Free reports to monitor how many of your residents are using these features

Residents can access these free features through the Recycle Coach app and website - there’s no cost and your residents will not be spammed or receive advertising messages. We provide you with an easy-to-install website ad that links directly to a dedicated page for your municipality.

Our goal is to develop a community of informed recyclers that improve the quality and quantity of materials recovered. And if you decide that enhanced functionality might benefit your municipality, your account can be affordably upgraded at any time to include more features.

Sign up for a Free MSW Access Account