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Your Business Recycling Program Needs Help

How effective is your company’s recycling program? Office recycling is a complicated process. There’s a good chance your employees aren’t sure which materials can and can’t be recycled. That’s why great work recycling programs often get average results.

It’s not your employees’ fault! They really do want to help, but they don’t have an encyclopedic knowledge of material blends, contaminants and non-recyclables. It takes more than that to get it right these days.

Become an Affluent Green Business

Is there a way to make recycling easier for your employees?

Recycle Coach helps your company shift from an under-performing recycling program to one that makes a significant difference in your local community. You become a successful green business, and it’ll show. Motivated by your green team, recycling tools, and a turnkey educational program from us, your employees will drastically improve the way that they recycle. Your company’s recycling IQ will shoot through the roof!

Recycle Coach at Work

The turnkey program that transforms your team into pro-recyclers

High Retention Learning

The Coachlings give your employees a fun, engaging way to connect with content that can otherwise be extremely boring and overcomplicated. Scarlett, Daisy, Milo and Bobbie exist to simplify recycling and make each lesson a memorable experience. Great ambassadors for your green team, The Coachlings deliver high retention campaigns that focus on plastic recycling, polystyrene foam (Styrofoam), zero waste at work and more.

On-Demand Search

Get the “What Goes Where” search tool, and your employees can Ask Milo when they aren’t sure what or how to properly recycle. It easily integrates on your business website or intranet, and there’s a database of over 12,000 terms your company has instant access to, on-demand. Recycle Coach follows your best recycling practices, office rules, and accepted materials list.

Incremental Learning

Recycle Coach at Work gives your green team incredible content to build on for monthly educational showcases. Our recycle campaigns come with a library of dynamic video lessons, each with a strong green message. Your green team can use this content as a foundation for educating your employees and improving their recycling IQ every day. Enlist the Coachlings for incremental recycling awareness.

How the Educational Program Works

What happens when you sign up for this turnkey solution? Recycle Coach gives you access to an educational recycling program that your employees can use from a dedicated webpage or within your intranet system. Get campaigns that engage, inspire, and make learning fun again.

This program is a great tool for your green team to use, for self-directed learning at home, or as a group. Launch with a 20-minute intro video from our Coachlings and make ‘going green’ part of your work culture.

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Attract Better People, Partnerships & Profits

Are the benefits of recycling like a pro worth the investment? Employees that participate in incremental learning programs rapidly develop improved recycling habits. Wish-cycling comes to a grinding halt. Wait until word gets out that your sustainable business programs work!

Your company will become a natural magnet for like-minded businesses that are environmentally aware. You’ll attract stronger talent, customers will choose your brand over others and you’ll have your pick of brand partners.

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