Recycle Coach | Frequently Asked Questions for Workplaces

Frequently Asked Questions for Workplaces

How does the program work?

Recycle Coach at Work is a turnkey program with five parts:

1. Ask Milo What Goes Where set-up. All you need to do it tell us who your hauler is. We contact your hauler on your behalf to get their recycling program details and complete your database set-up. If you have any special in-house recycling programs, just let us know and we’ll set those up too.

2. Web app set-up. We provide a line of HTML code for you to install the web app (a widget) on your intranet site, if you have one. The widget uses an iframe. You can also access the web app through a URL link to a dedicated webpage on our Recycle Coach website.

3. Getting started video. This short video explains RCAW to employees. We suggest you incorporate the launch of RCAW as part of a “lunch n’ learn” session or Green Team get-together. After watching the video, we recommend a group activity conducting some Ask Milo What Goes Where searches, to demonstrate how easy it is. The Ask Milo functionality is found on the web app.

4. Recycle Coach library. Through the web app, employees have access to dozens of interesting articles to help them be better recyclers.

5. Monthly Campaigns. Each month we focus on a specific recycling problem area or initiative. These are curated and developed by our in-house content team. Distribution to employees is via email. We work with you to determine the best distribution method, depending on your internal policies and requirements.

How long does set-up take?

Each situation is different, but typically we can get you up and running in under two weeks.

Who does the initial set-up?

We do. We’ll contact your hauler to get their recycling program details.

We have an additional in-house recycling program. Can you include those details in Ask Milo?

Yes. Whether it be a composting program, clothing drive or battery drop-off program – or any other special program – we’ll set it up in your dedicated database. No additional fees.

What if we don’t have a company intranet?

No problem. Employees can access the web app from a dedicated page on our website.

How long is the contract?

One year. You may renew each year at your option.

Do you charge extra if we have multiple locations?

Generally, yes, to cover the additional resources required in setting up each location’s unique recycling program details. Please contact us and we’d be happy to provide you with a quote.

Will the annual fee ever increase?

We don’t intend it to! We guarantee the Standard Package annual fee will not increase for your first five (5) years. Overtime, we aim to create additional features and functionalities that will be part of a new enhanced package you may choose to upgrade to.

How does payment work?

Our standard annual fee is just $695 USD ($895 CAD). Payment is due at the beginning of the program and then again on the anniversary. We accept payment by Visa/Mastercard, ACH and company check.

What is your cancellation policy?

You are free to cancel anytime. There are no refunds on prepaid annual fees.

What are your privacy policy and terms of use?

Our privacy policy and terms of use are available online here: Terms of Use (US) and Terms of Use (CA)

How do we get started?

Simply complete the Sign up form and we’ll contact you to confirm the details.