Foster a culture of caring.

Create a caring workplace where people want to be. Do what’s right for the environment. Earn customers’ support. Have some fun. Feel good.

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Recycle Coach at Work is a turnkey program that educates and informs your employees to improve recycling practices.

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Show You Care

Passionate about the environment? Recycling is a great way to show you care! The Coachlings help connect the dots to improve recycling at work and make employees feel good about themselves and their organization!

When companies fulfill their environmental responsibility, they build a better reputation. Most people have become more aware, more informed, and more critical than ever. They support organizations whose values align with theirs. No matter your industry, proper recycling in the workplace is a simple and important way to show you care.

Join our mission to make workplace recycling viable again, both for employers and employees.

Fun and Meaningful Learning

People don’t want to be shamed or lectured, especially about concepts that can be complex and confusing like recycling. The Coachlings deliver recycling education in a way that takes the work out of recycling at work. You’ll see them in monthly educational campaigns that address key recycling issues, teaching employees how to be better recyclers in a playful and engaging way. Popular campaign topics include plastic bags, food waste and Styrofoam.

The Ask Milo “What Goes Where” is a widget easily added to your internal intranet or accessed through the web. It’s customized to your local office rules and accepted materials – even if you have multiple workplace locations.

Getting Started

Getting started is easy! Launch the program in your workplace with a 20-minute kick-off video in which the Coachlings explain some of the common ‘bad behaviors’ that affect how well people recycle. Employees can view the video on their own or turn it into a fun lunch n’ learn session. It’s a great way to showcase your accomplishments and aspirations and enhance visibility of your company’s green team.

People want to live in places with well-managed recycling programs. So helping the environment actually helps our business, too.

It would be easy to keep going about my business–business is good! But I want to give back, and I want my kids to have a more secure future.

To make environmentalism part of our corporate culture, I need effective programs that our employees can engage with.