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For decades, we’ve been taught that it’s better to recycle everything. But “everything we can recycle” does not mean everything can be recycled. Unlearn poor recycling habits that are contributing to high contamination and understand your role in the recycling process. Help save your local recycling program, and help your neighbors and colleagues recycle better.

Essential information from trusted sources

Why wasn’t your recycling bin collected today? Are coffee cups recyclable in your area? Feel confident you’re doing the right thing with the Recycle Coach app. As your community progresses in how active it is within Recycle Coach, we start working with trusted sources like your local government to get details about your collection schedule and recycling guide.


Tailored to your household

Between the fact that more items are made of mixed materials and recycling programs vary in each municipality, recycling can be confusing! The collection schedule, What Goes Where sorting guide, local events and other features in the Recycle Coach app are tailored to each user’s address, so you can focus on what’s relevant to your household.

Free to use and share

Poor recycling habits like wish-cycling (tossing non-recyclables in with recyclables) cost municipalities and result in scaled back or shut down recycling programs. Recycling boosts our economy and protects our planet, and you can do your part to help. Use the Recycle Coach app for free and help unite your community to recycle better. Join the Movement to avoid a local recycling crisis.

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