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Amazing App! This app has completely helped me become better at recycling and more knowledgeable. I could not live without it!


This app is really nice to have, I don't miss any garbage pick up's anymore. And they send you a message if there is a schedule change.

Amanda Bradley

Great App. Super convenient and easy to use. Love being able to search to figure out where my items go (trash, recycling or green bin). Definitely recommend.


Great app for clarification of what is or is not recyclable. Use to clean and wash so many items that I now find are plain regular trash. Love it.


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Recycle Coach at Work

Most offices and lunchrooms have a recycling problem. Recycling bins containing straws and leftover food is just the tip of the iceberg. Something needs to change.

Our mission is to make workplace recycling viable again, both for employers and employees. Through our highly engaging and comprehensive recycling education program, employers across the country are prioritizing environmental custodianship without cutting into the bottom line. So, talk to your sustainability administrator and tell them about Recycle Coach at Work!