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Save Your City’s Recycling Program

Recycle Coach helps you drastically reduce contamination and become a force for good in the fight against climate change.


Your city is counting on you. Join the movement, increase your recycling IQ, and learn how to recycle properly with a suite of educational tools on your side.


Your city’s recycling program is in crisis. We have an affordable way for you to help your residents become pro-recyclers for life. It’s the key to the end of wish-cycling, forever.


Your company is the key to a healthier city. Give your team access to our digital suite, and join the workplace recycling revolution. It’s an affordable way to go green.

3,000+ cities and towns | Used by 6.8+ million people

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Recycling Technology That Ignites Real Change

In 2018, China banned the import of North America’s recyclable materials. Contamination rates were too high. Export stopped and no-one was buying. This ushered in a recycling crisis. Programs are shutting down. Budgets are extremely thin. Landfills are expanding. People don’t realize the system is broken. What needs to change is the way that residents recycle.

So, we created a suite of online tools that any city could afford and any resident could use every day, without effort. Our Coachlings lead the way to smarter educational initiatives. It’s recycling information, simplified. Today, we work to get cities all over North America on board, to reignite ailing recycling programs and teach residents how to properly recycle again.

Residents: Recycling Information That’s Easy to Use at Home

Recycle Coach will help you become a pro-recycler at home where it counts. Built for effortless convenience, our range of educational tools fit right into your average day. What isn’t average is the impact that they make!

From our popular “What Goes Where?” search tool to blog posts jam-packed with handy tips on how to recycle properly, some 40% of households regularly use our app after subscribing. Have fun, save the world, or recycle trying.

Municipalities: The Web App That Raises Your City’s Recycling IQ

Recycle Coach was created to engage your residents so that they use our smart tools and learn new things about recycling every day. This actively reduces recycling contamination in your municipality, as your residents get it right more often.

With the Coachlings on your side, your residents have access to recycling education from any device for incremental learning that noticeably improves recycling program performance. Get smarter, reach more residents – and save your city.

Workplaces: A Lean Way to Better Green Business Practices

Recycle Coach gives your company an affordable way to be green and seen at the same time. Our unique workplace program offers you immediate access to our suite of tools, which drastically improves your employee’s recycling practices over time.

With easy recycling information delivered by our Coachlings, your team will easily become eco-warriors for your city. Give your green team the best chance of success with our tools. Inspire change, show that you care – and be part of the solution!

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