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10+ Companies Creating Recycled Plastic Products

recycled plastic products

Recycled plastic products are everywhere, and that’s a good thing. In today’s post, we see how some of the world’s most sustainable brands are using advanced recycling methods for greener business.

By recycling existing plastic materials into new products for sale, companies tap into a renewable feedstock source that helps limit the production of new plastic items (and keeps them out of the landfill). Companies that use recycled plastics are making a big difference in the world!

Aside from reducing how much new plastic finds its way into the hands of consumers – recycled plastics reduce energy during manufacturing by 66%. That means less fuel burnt, and less harm to the local environment.

The truth is, because a lot of plastic is highly recyclable – it’s an ideal sustainable material. If more businesses can build plastics into their green product models, the world would be better off. Let’s take a look at the companies leading the way with their recycled plastic products.

#1: Adidas Recycled Plastic Shoes

In 2019, Adidas made about 11 million pairs of shoes using recycled plastics.

They partnered with Parley, a project for the oceans that focuses on finding solutions to lessen plastic pollution there. So far, the partnership has been incredibly successful, and it’s kept some 2810 tons of plastic from ever reaching the oceans.

#2: Patagonia’s Plastic Jackets

You can’t mention recycled plastic products without mentioning Patagonia’s jackets.

Since the 1990’s this company has been recycling polyester, which has a positive impact on the earth. It comes from plastic soda bottles that are spun to make the materials used in their jackets and other lines of clothing. To date, 84% of their fabrics are recycled plastic.

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#3: Fab Habitat’s Plastic Rugs

This ethical company creates eco-friendly rugs and accessories from recycled plastic waste.

Fab Habitat uses PET and Polypropylene plastics to spin a soft kind of yarn that is perfect for durable carpet creation. These recycled plastic materials are blended with others like cotton or jute. To date, the company claims to have rescued and recycled millions of plastic bottles from the landfill.

#4: Shini USA Plastic Construction Materials

The future of construction lies in eco-friendly building materials that use recycled plastic.

From concrete and bricks, to recycled plastic boards, lumber, and decking – using plastic in these construction materials makes them cheaper and more durable. Best of all, these structures last a long time which gives virtually indestructible plastic something valuable to do.

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#5: West Paw’s Recycled Plastic Products

This green-forward company focuses on creating ethical and sustainable products for your pets.

West Paw is best known for their signature material ‘IntelliLoft,’ which is made from recycled plastic bottles. They use this material in everything from pet beds and blankets to clothing. They also run an amazing plastic recycling program using another material they call ‘Zogoflex.’

#6: Preserve’s Toothbrush Recycling

Preserve creates a lot of recycled plastic items but the best among them is the toothbrush.

Preserve toothbrushes are made from 100% recycled plastic – and they run a program that asks consumers to collect 5 toothbrushes in a plastic bottle, send them in, and get a $6.00 coupon. When you use this toothbrush, you’re participating in a truly closed loop product.

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#7: Recover Brand Clothing

Recover has been going since 2009, spinning plastic waste into new fashionable items of clothing.

As plastic recycling companies go, you don’t get much more ethical than Recover. Their goal is to reduce plastic waste in rivers, the ocean, landfills, and adventure parks by encouraging socially responsible fashion.

#8: Suga Recycled Wetsuits

Recycled plastic products like the humble wetsuit get a fresh start with Suga.

This company collects old, discarded suits, and recycles them into super-soft and stylish yoga mats. The neoprene found in wetsuit materials is perfect for reworking into a fully recyclable product, and the SugaMat doesn’t disappoint.

#9: Method Cleaning Products

This cleaning company uses curbside collected plastics to craft its product packaging.

Products made from recycled plastic bottles and other waste are an eco-friendly solution to using new plastics. As a sustainable business, the founders of Method spend a little more to recycle the plastic they need to create their large range of cleaning materials.

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#10: Green Toys Made from Plastic Pollution

The company Green Toys creates imaginative children’s toys using recycled milk jugs.

On their website, they state that for every pound of milk jugs recycled, enough energy is saved to power a television for 3 weeks or a laptop for a month. They have recycled over 113,312,538 jugs to date, changing the world one green toy at a time.

#11: Bureo Builds from Plastic Waste

Bureo takes discarded plastic fishing nets and turns them into amazing new products.

These recycled plastic products become clothing, sunglasses, and even skateboards. As a B corporation, Bureo’s mission to clean up the oceans underpins all of its product creation. Along with recycling, the company works to spread education about reducing plastic waste.

Get more recycling facts here.

These trailblazing companies are tapping into an abundant resource and are finding ways to turn something harmful into something helpful in the world. If your business has been considering creating recycled plastic products, draw inspiration from these eco-friendly product pioneers!

Which of these plastic items did you find most promising and why? Tell us below.


  1. Sheila DeLattre

    February 5, 2022 at 6:13 pm

    I work retail. All clothing comes in clean plastic bags. Willing to collect and donate for recycling. Otherwise it goes to landfill.

    • April

      February 9, 2022 at 8:01 am

      That’s a great idea! You should see if your company is willing to set up a collection at their locations for recycling. Depending on the bags, they may be able to be recycled with plastic bags and film the same way as when grocery stores have a collection box for plastic bags. It’s worth looking into bag recycling companies to see if it would be feasible.

    • Leslie Sand

      October 25, 2022 at 3:24 pm

      Check out Nex-Trex. They take plastic film to make benches. Churches, schools, etc can do collection projects and receive a park bench in return.

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