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9 Ways to Reduce Food Waste for Your Business

food waste in business

How do you reduce food waste for your business? As a business owner, improving how you manage your organic waste reduces disposal costs, increases employee satisfaction, and it sends a positive message to your customers that you want to help save the environment.

Whether your company operates in retail or out of an office block – focusing on this key waste crisis area benefits everyone in the long term.

The fact is that food waste is on the rise and it’s hurting your bottom line. Some 40% of food grown in the US isn’t eaten, and waste of organic products is up by 50%. Over the last ten years, the cost of food has increased by 42%, so when you’re trashing food – you’re trashing money!

It makes sense to find innovative ways to reduce the amount of food waste your company creates, by recycling leftovers and exploring alternative solutions to sending it to the landfill.

Today, we’re going to inspire you with 9 exciting ways to reduce food waste, improve your management practices, and help your local environment keep harmful gasses to a minimum.

Let’s answer the question – how can businesses reduce food waste?

#1: The Food Waste Business Model

Many companies are incorporating better waste management practices into their business models. A food waste business model might include using existing waste to create something new, to solve a secondary business problem, or to source specific food waste to improve an existing product.

Consider how your business model could be improved by using the waste that your employees create every day. Ideas like this can help you branch out and be more eco-friendly.

#2: Turn Food Waste into Profit

Creating additional income with your organic waste is a great way to keep it out of the landfill. You can turn food waste into profit in a variety of ways, depending on your existing business.

Sweden uses food waste to create biogas – a kind of fuel that powers everything from their buses, to heating resident homes. Why not sell your food waste to a local biogas company for profit?

#3: Create a Food Waste Recycling Program

Food waste recycling is a popular solution that helps your company reduce discarded organic food. Create an internal program that collects organic waste and converts it into compost for your garden.

Compost can also be sent home with your employees or sold to nearby farms for an additional income stream. Any compostable foods from employees, canteens or kitchens can be used.

#4: Make Products from Food Waste

Products made from food waste are on the rise, with many companies jumping on this lucrative way to convert waste into profit. All you need is a little creative thinking on your side.

Consider the products that you have now and the organic waste they produce. One pickle company decided to upcycle the cucumber water used in their dill creation process, and now sells it as a mix for Bloody Mary drinks! What sort of product could you create?

#5: Support Your Local Food Waste Startup

There are bound to be some food waste startup companies in your area. These companies are on the hunt for less expensive organic materials that they can use to create products of their own.

With you as the source, you might be able to divert a huge amount of waste from your company to another – where it will be used to make something of value. Plus, your business grows!

#6: Donate Wasted Food to Local Shelters

With the right food waste management, you can make sure that your company’s waste or excess kitchen foods are going somewhere valuable. Consider donating it to your local shelter.

In France, any excess food is collected and donated to food banks. Not only does this prevent 46,000 tons of food waste from polluting landfills, it feeds a lot of people. 

#7: Buy Food Conservatively and Consciously

Ugly food doesn’t sell at stores, yet it has the same nutrient content as food that looks good. Consider buying from suppliers that focus on selling ugly food and rescue it from becoming waste.

Measure how your company manages its food waste and conduct an audit before and after instituting positive changes. Promote conscious buying, eating, and disposing of food waste at work.

#8: Explore an App-Based Solution

Office food waste aside, if you’re in the restaurant business or you sell produce every day from a store – you should explore getting on a last-minute food rescue app.

Apps exist that will help you sell food items that are just about to expire, to their ever-hungry app users. If you want to move those last-day donuts, this is the best way to do it.

#9: Think Before Throwing Food Away

Where is food waste happening in your business? Reduce how your employees dispose of organic waste by educating them about the issue of food waste and how you want to help.

Encourage employees to consider what they pack for lunch or buy on their lunch break. Incorporate less food waste into your company culture and stop the tide of food heading to the landfill.

With these 9 amazing ideas, you’ll be able to consider different ways that your company can reduce food waste this year. Reach out to local community shelters, create a new product, or start selling your food waste to other companies for profit. See the opportunity in making the world greener!