Got plans November 15? If not, time to mark your calendars because it’s America Recycles Day. If you’re all tied up, don’t sweat it. Even though the fifteenth is officially America Recycles Day, communities across the U.S. celebrate it throughout the fall and into December, so there’s still plenty of time for you to get involved.

What’s it all about?

America Recycles Day is a Keep America Beautiful initiative that promotes, encourages, and celebrates recycling. Some events educate people about the do’s and don’ts of recycling in their community, while others collect hard-to-recycle materials. Organizations (including businesses), and governments can all host events. So can you.

This year’s theme is #BeRecycled, stressing the huge impact recycling has on our planet and economy.

Getting involved

Thankfully, getting involved in America Recycles Day is easy.

Host an event. Whether you’re educating people about your community’s recycling program, demonstrating good recycling practices, or collecting tricky materials like electronics, there are tons of ways for you to make an impact. 

Attend an event. If it’s too last minute, check out one of the events hosted in your community. There are plenty of options for teachers, from educational field trips to recycling challenges.

Take the #BeRecycledPledge. It only takes a second, and it’s a great way to formally commit to upping your recycling game. You can pledge to learn your community’s recycling program, increase your recycling prowess, or pass it on by encouraging someone else to take the pledge, too. Either way, it’s a great way to put recycling top of mind. And who knows, maybe by this time next year we’ll have increased our recycling rate from 34%.

Don’t be trashy. This one’s a no-brainer. You don’t have to directly participate in America Recycles Day to be a good recycler. And you certainly shouldn’t just celebrate recycling on the fifteenth. Good recycling is something you can do all year round, at home or in the office. 

Get the Recycle Coach app. As long as your city’s partnered with us, we’ve got you covered with information about what is and isn’t recyclable where you live. You can access it all year round from any device, all you need to do is get the Recycle Coach app. Plus, we have recycling tips and tricks to put you on top of your game.