Societal, environmental & financial benefits

Recycling is one of the best things each of us can do for the environment, yet recycling programs are in trouble because people are not very good at it. Local governments on their own have been unable to overcome this challenge, but with more and more companies focusing on their triple bottom line, a combined effort to increase recycling knowledge is unreservedly positive for the environment.

Improving recycling knowledge

Let’s face it, recycling can be complicated. Worse is that many people are not even aware there’s a problem, so they’re not looking for answers. It’s not that information isn’t available, it’s just that it’s not easily accessible and it can be contradictory to their own local program rules and requirements.

Local information at your fingertips

Recycle Coach is a mobile app that provides people with recycling information specific to where they live. It can be configured to also include workplace recycling assistance with a What Goes Where sorting guide, recycling fundamentals training, and much more.

Getting started is easy

Be part of the grass roots effort to build recycling awareness in your community as a recycling Supporter – it’s free. Impress employees, customers, and investors by implementing the Advocate workplace recycling education program; or become a Community Enabler and sponsor advanced recycling education for all residents in your municipality.