Recycling contamination is a problem

Recycling is one of the best things you can do for the environment, yet recycling programs are in trouble. With new packaging types, the variance in recycling programs, and even differences between what’s recyclable at home and at work, contamination has gotten out of control.

Make information easily available

Whether for residential or commercial use, people download the free Recycle Coach app which includes What Goes Where recycling and disposal information for their municipality and/or workplace. There's also a widget for your website so visitors can subscribe to get pick-up reminders.

Back to basics

Like with reading, writing and arithmetic, it is important to understand recycling fundamentals. Your clients get free access to our complete Recycling Fundamentals lessons through the app. The full analytics package allows you to see and measure the impact on your recycling program.

Problem materials

With every recycling program, there are items like plastic bags, coffee cups and take-out food containers that many people struggle to dispose of correctly. Recycle Coach helps you to focus attention on these Misunderstood Materials to reduce recycling contamination.

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