Give back

Most of us are concerned about the environment yet wonder what we can actually do to help. Recycling is something tangible that is good for the environment and it’s easy - but doing it correctly takes knowledge. Giving back to your community by helping employees be more knowledgeable recyclers is what the Advocate program is all about.

Empower employees

Employees download the free Recycle Coach app that is updated to include What Goes Where recycling and disposal information for your workplace. In participating municipalities, the results include both home and work recycling guides to help employees understand the difference between your workplace rules and the ones at home.

Problem materials

Each month we tackle a specific workplace recycling problem, whether it be coffee cups, greasy pizza boxes, straws or bagged recyclables. Using videos, quizzes and other activities, employees learn the proper way to recycle or dispose of these focus materials.

Lunch 'n Learn event

Let us customize a Lunch ‘n Learn-type event for you. It’s a great way to kick off a Recycling at Work initiative and we guarantee your employees will be surprised at what they didn’t know! It’s done online using Zoom and it’s interactive.

Become a recycling Advocate.

At only $795/year, it’s a tangible investment that benefits your employees, your community and the environment.