A modern communications solution

When you join Recycle Coach, your local waste and recycling program rules and regulations become accessible on every platform and every device – with no additional fees to you. We use technology and gamification to maximize your audience and provide you with the back-end resources to monitor and manage your program. All at a fraction of the cost of doing it yourselves.

Initial set-up

It begins with uploading all your program details into our database. Our onboarding team sets up your schedules and events, and initializes your What Goes Where database, so all you have to do is review them and make any adjustments. All details, including information about drop-off programs, are fully customized to your local program.

Web app

Our Marketing Support team works with you and your website team to optimize placement of the web app on your website to maximize usage and app downloads. Installation is simple and requires only a minimum of technical expertise. Once installed, your residents can easily retrieve all program information or link to app stores from a single access point.

Mobile app

People like apps that make life simpler; especially that hard-to-reach younger demographic. It’s why up to 59% of households download the Recycle Coach app. Each resident get a personalized collection calendar, pick-up reminders, a What Goes Where look-uptool and much more. All fully customised to your program.

Recycle Coach website

The Recycle Coach website is an important source of new users. Everyday thousands of residents visit the Recycle Coach website to learn more about recycling. Many of them visit the dedicated page for their municipality and decide to get involved by downloading the Recycle Coach app.

Admin Portal

Track your progress as you grow your communication with residents. Utilize reports and insights into your residents’ recycling knowledge and discover what materials they need the most help with. Send emergency or non-emergency notifications and monitor your Return on Investment (ROI).