plastic waste statistics

7+ Revealing Plastic Waste Statistics (2021)

Which plastic waste statistics will make the largest impact on your recycling programs next year? Here are answers to the most asked questions on plastic waste, pollution, and recycling in 2021. As a recycling coordinator, it’s your job to motivate municipal residents to recycle better.

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holiday recycling programs

5 Holiday Recycling Programs to Launch This Year

Which holiday recycling programs will get you the highest recycling rates? As your municipality shifts gear to prepare for yet another festive season, it’s time to review how to increase recycling participation over the holidays. A new municipal program will inspire your residents to focus

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header image for metal can recycling

Is it Time to Expand Your City’s Metal Can Recycling?

Metal can recycling is the bread and butter of every city’s recycling program. Today we look at the advances in tin can recycling, and whether your municipality is keeping up with change, or falling behind with one of the easiest materials to recycle. In 2014,

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2021 new recycling statistics

21+ New Recycling Statistics for 2021 (And Beyond)

What are the latest US recycling statistics in 2021? For Public Works Directors, knowing the most current statistics in the recycling space will help inform the policy and programs you put in place this year. While the EPA has not updated its official reports since

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resident recycling education

The Importance of Recycling Education for City Residents

When you think of recycling education what springs to mind? Maybe it’s a classroom filled with kids, and a teacher holding a papier-mâché earth. Or a business conference where climate leaders speak about sending less waste to overburdened landfills. Whatever image comes to mind, it’s unlikely

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