Various recyclables like paper plates and cutlery on a green background Text: 2023 Annual Recycling Knowledge Survey Results

2023 Annual Recycling Knowledge Survey Results

Recycle Coach, the leading provider of innovative waste management and circular economy solutions, has unveiled insights from its 3rd Annual Recycling Knowledge Survey conducted throughout September and October across the United States and Canada. Through the survey, Recycle Coach sought to track evolving trends and

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Creighton Hooper, Recycle Coach Founder, Receives Jean Clark Recycling Excellence Award at ANJR Symposium

Recycle Coach is proud to announce that its Founder, Creighton Hooper, has been selected to receive the Jean Clark Recycling Excellence Award at this year’s Association of New Jersey Recyclers (ANJR) Symposium. The award recognizes Hooper’s outstanding contributions to the industry and his unwavering commitment to the vision and values

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Client spotlight: Cliff Walls and the City of East Lansing, MI

Supporting recycling education in a university town like East Lansing, MI comes with unique challenges. As the home of Michigan State University, East Lansing sees its population swell by thousands every school year. Not only are these residents transient, but most are environmentally-minded students with

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The city of Olympia, WA at dusk

Client spotlight: Kim Johnson and the City of Olympia, WA

Recently, we sat down with the wonderful Kim Johnson, senior program specialist for the City of Olympia, WA, to chat about their local recycling program and how they use Recycle Coach. Kim works closely with single- and multi-family homes in her community and takes pride

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The Future of Waste Management: Innovations in Recycling Technologies and Strategies

The world is grappling with an ever-increasing waste management problem as the global population continues to grow. Waste disposal methods, such as landfilling and incineration, contribute significantly to environmental pollution and climate change. There is an urgent need for innovative recycling technologies and strategies to

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