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Make your program better with ‘What goes where?’

The best weapon against contamination is recycling knowledge. When residents know what is and isn’t recyclable in your community, they make smarter disposal decisions, which directly benefits your solid waste program.

Contamination is one of the biggest issues facing our industry today. In the U.S., one in six items dropped in the recycling bin don’t belong there. Commenting for the CBC, Mark Badger, the executive vice-president of Canada Fibers, says: “‘It’s shameful, it’s awful. In some instances almost one in three pounds of what goes in a blue box shouldn’t be there.’”

The issue isn’t specific to North America, either. It’s everywhere. The British Science Association (BSA) recently conducted a quiz testing the recycling knowledge of 2000 people. None of them could answer all the questions correctly.

The root of the problem is our recycling know-how. Or lack thereof. When residents don’t know where an item goes, they guess. Which is where bad habits like wish-cycling come from. And when they’re left guessing, contamination is usually the result.

Confused resident.

That’s why it’s so important for programs to offer a service that:

  1. provides localized disposal information for every item residents are curious about,
  2. makes that information easy to find and use, and finally;
  3. has a built-in feedback mechanism, so that program stakeholders can identify problem items and develop strategies to address them

Easier said than done, right? Actually, it’s not. Turns out we have a tool that does all these things.

One tool. 10,000 search terms and growing.

The What goes where? tool is the waste sector’s first smart search tool. Unlike other search tools in the waste biz, it’s totally dynamic. That means it grows with your program. Each time a resident looks up an item that isn’t included, we add it for you, including the correct disposal information.

Lower barriers

google action demo

Make your program information searchable from any device—even digital assistants. That way, residents can find the information they need whenever, wherever. With over 10,000 search terms, the What goes where? tool is the most comprehensive search database of its kind. Plus, it has the highest success rate in the business at a whopping 98%!

Fill knowledge gaps

WGW_Features_Knowledge-GapsWhat goes where? isn’t just a search tool. It also contains blog and video content, drop-off depot locations, collection requirements and much more. By providing residents with a content-rich environment, it captures their attention and educates them about the biggest waste issues facing your community.

Make your program smarter


Each month, we’ll send you a detailed analytics report. It’ll provide you with program feedback by showing you how residents are using your app, including a list of most-searched items. Use this information to identify program pain points and inform your future communications strategy.

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