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The network advantage

Networks are everywhere.

Every day, you access them—sometimes without even knowing it. Your mobile device is connected to a network. So is your computer. Chances are, you use a social network to stay connected to friends and family. Today, you might even use an information network like Wikipedia, or a shopping network like Amazon.

So, how do networks… work?

Essentially, networks allow individual nodes (i.e. your computer, cell phone, etc.) to share resources. This is the one characteristic that defines them all. The benefit being that they make it easy to share and find information. They’re convenient.

Because they aren’t geo-specific, residents can access them anywhere—when they travel, or from their second home. And they can access them from any device, which makes finding information extremely easy. As people begin to share their network with friends and family, it grows virally, which sets off a chain reaction. We call this the network effect.

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Recycle Coach is a network. The first of its kind, actually. Nowhere else on the planet is there an information network devoted specifically to waste and recycling. This is what sets us apart. It’s also one of the reasons why residents love using our tools.

But there’s more to it. Your residents aren’t the only ones who benefit from having access to a comprehensive network dedicated to all things waste and recycling. You do, too.

Networks reduce risk

We spend a lot of time talking to solid waste management program stakeholders, and they all say the same thing, more or less: going it alone is tough. With a typical inhouse or white-label solution, you’re on your own. The goods are delivered, then it’s up to you to make sure they’re implemented and executed successfully, which is a lot of pressure.

Networks are completely different.

As part of the Recycle Coach Network, members enjoy our full support, including a promotional toolkit to help you attract more users. Even though we share responsibility for your success, you get all the credit.

It’s also easy to join or leave the network. With inhouse or white-label solutions, you’re locked in. And because the solution’s tied to you, it can affect your municipal brand and resident perception of the service you’re offering.

Finally, networks give you total control over your content. The Recycle Coach Network provides your residents with local information—all of which has been vetted and approved of by you. We also include your branding. This includes your city logo on the mobile app and city branding over the web-based app. It’s the best of both worlds. Plus, networks are fully scalable. That’s why the Recycle Coach Network can accommodate state, county and municipal governments all at once.


No hidden costs

Nobody likes hidden costs. Thankfully, with the Recycle Coach Network, you don’t have to worry about them. What you see is what you get. And then some.

After rolling out an inhouse or white-label solution, you often have to keep spending time and money. Whether it’s spending more resources to promote your solution and attract new residents or bringing on dedicated staff to manage the technology. Through the network, we help you with both. Whenever we add new functionality to the technology, you benefit. And it’s absolutely free. Unfortunately, white-label solutions make you pay for the privilege, and if you’ve built something inhouse, you have to do it yourself.

If you’re interested in learning more about how Recycle Coach works, feel free to book a demo with us below, and we’ll show you how our network is changing the way municipal governments are managing their recycling programs.


About Recycle Coach

We save people time and energy with intuitive digital tools that make recycling easy. Our goal is to be in every city, on every device, empowering communities to work together to waste less and recycle more. We’re recycling simplified.