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Why Using Different Outreach Channels is Key to Building an Engaged Recycling Network

Gone are the days where the front-page of the newspaper had all the power. Today, the front page is often clouded in a complicated media muddle made up of mobile apps, web content and social media. 

Here’s  a number of reasons why using different outreach channels is key to building an engaged recycling network in your municipality.

shutterstock_407197876_S.jpgOnly about 16% of residents go their municipality’s website 

Analytics across a number of municipality webpages in North America show that only an average of 16% of residents visited their municipalities website for recycling information. This figure illustrates the pressing demand to reach the remaining 84% through different channels of communication. Exploiting a number of different outlets (both tradition and technological) is key to widening the reach of your public program, allowing residents to engage with local recycling information in a format that flows with their lifestyle.

Different residents tune into different channels 

In the past, residents across North America were often tuned into the same channels at the same time. The entire country would be watching the world series for example, or the whole “town” would tune into their local radio station for news at 6 o’clock. The local and national newspapers too, were read by almost everyone, and published every morning, like clockwork. In the pre-internet days, communication channels were much simpler and somewhat one-dimensional. 

Today, residents from municipalities both big and small are tuned into a multitude of channels. The rise of the internet has created a more complex maze of communication and has fragmented residents in new ways. Print material like newspaper articles, flyers, calendars and newsletters are still tapped into by older demographics. And local radio is still relevant in communities where driving is the main form of transportation.

But digital channels like websites, mobile apps, and digital assistants, however, have become increasingly preferred by specific demographics. The 22-55 population, for example, is a group of multitaskers with busy schedules, who use their smartphones to ingest information every single day. And because they are so pressed for time, they want to be able to access recycling information, on demand, and at a time that is convenient for them. Residents above the age of 55 are also buying into the digital movement too– plugging into tablets, laptops and even desktop computers. So being strategic with your communications plan and leveraging both traditional and digital channels are effective ways to reach more residents, within a range of demographics.

It increases the accessibility of your program

Providing a number of ways for residents to find recycling information makes your public program more accessible and approachable. And to make your outreach even more seamless (and to bridge the divide between print and digital communication), you can also hone into perfecting the art of “in person” community events. Recycling events like city-wide garage sales, can help provide residents with a “face” or physical entry point to your program, complementing and adding value to your overall outreach. 

By using a variety of outreach channels, your program will leave “no stone unturned” in its pursuit to reach residents young and old.  To learn more read “How Recycle Coach technology can maximize your recycling program’s reach”.

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