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Helping Your City’s Recycling Program Get Better

The Coachlings were created by a passionate team devoted to helping you save your city’s recycling program, one innovation at a time.

In 2001, we introduced residents to the first municipal calendars, which gave them vital recycling information. Fourteen years and many more pioneering advances later, Recycle Coach launched another industry first – a mobile application. Today, we’re the largest network for municipal recycling education in the world. With millions of users learning to improve their city’s recycling programs, we work to make recycling better.

The Coachlings

I feel so lucky! I am so passionate about the environment and I get to spend my time helping people become better recyclers. My twenty-two brothers and sisters have taught me how difficult changing behavior is – I’m the oldest, so you can imagine! – but we never stop trying. And it’s working! In some municipalities, up to 70% of households are now Recycle Coach subscribers.

Recycling is so important to the environment, but it’s not always easy to understand. The other Coachlings and I – that’s what they call us: Coachlings. Pretty cool, isn’t it? Anyway, the four of us work hard to make recycling simpler. We’re trying to make recycling more fun, too, so people can get better without feeling it’s just another chore!

Hi, I’m Scarlett

I do all the heavy lifting for the team – literally! I’m good at lifting and carrying larger objects. And let’s face it, being our size, everything is big! I’m always ready to help and I’m a huge fan of recycling.

I just adore Scarlett. She always thinks about new ways to engage people in recycling, which helps us teach them how they can be better at it. Because you know…things are pretty bad right now with people putting all kinds of things in their recycling that don’t belong, like gadgets and gizmos, broken glasses, and more. I love it when we start to see people doing better!

Hi there! I’m Daisy.

Us Coachlings know municipal budgets are hurting, so we strive to give you the most value for your dollars. My specialty is “What Goes Where?” Ask me anything about recycling! I have an encyclopedic mind. I can tell you where an item goes based on where you live, if you live in one of the 3,000 municipalities I’ve already memorized. I’m going to need a nap soon!

The world has a finite amount of natural resources buried underground, and it takes a lot of energy to get them out. Recycling prevents us from having to dig up new natural resources. I mean, can you imagine if one day we ran out of steel or aluminum? With recycling, we can reuse materials over and over without digging.

Milo, here.

Some people think it’s short for Barbara and others think it’s short for Robert. It’s just Bobbie. Scarlett is my cousin on my mother’s side. She’s good at simplifying recycling, which is important because lots of people think it’s gotten too complicated. Sometimes she can be a bit bossy, but she’s starting to listen to me!

It’s so important to future generations and as a kid myself, I think it’s equally important that recycling education be fun. I’m excited!

People call me Bobbie.

Our Mission

Recycling Education, Simplified

Recycle Coach is on a mission to give people the tools and education they need to become pro-recyclers. We want to help every person in every municipality effectively contribute to smarter, cleaner and healthier municipalities.

People are recycling every day, thinking that they’re doing good in the world. But they’re getting it wrong.

Using modern technology, Recycle Coach makes it easier for the average person to recycle, so they can get it right. That way, contamination rates will plummet, municipal recycling programs will spring back to life, and we will help put an end to the harmful effects of climate change on our beautiful planet.

Municipalities that recycle better contribute to a greener world.

We’re here to make that happen.

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