About Us

Environmental stewardship is the responsibility of every community. Our goal is to make it easier for communities like yours to make waste management and recycling part of everyday life—together. How? By tapping into the power of information and awareness. Through a suite of intuitive digital tools and print solutions, we help you make waste management and recycling education accessible to more people than ever before. Welcome to recycling, simplified.

What Else Does Recycle Coach Do?

Hauler Programs

In communities large and small, waste management and recycling truly “takes the village.” Improper waste disposal affect us all—both the people who create the waste and those who haul it away. Contamination is creating more significant costs than ever before—both financially and environmentally.

What if there was a cost-efficient way to build awareness around waste management and recycling best practices? A way to limit the rising cost of contamination? At Recycle Coach, we believe it all comes down to education. That’s why we help haulers make it easy for ordinary citizens to make the right decisions (and think twice!) when they use trash and recycle bins.

In the past, recycling education programs were cost-prohibitive. Now, Recycle Coach offers workplace training and education about recycling in a low-cost package just for haulers. It’s fully customized to your local requirements and includes initial training, annual updates, and onboarding.

Recycling on Campus

Campuses are a busy place with a lot going on. Students come and go from all over the world, each with their own awareness around recycling and waste management. For most, it’s their first time living away from home, and their recycling habits aren’t exactly top of mind.

Yet, a culture of campus sustainability can’t be created without those students. That’s why we created the Recycling on Campus app, which engages students in recycling and teaches them how to recycle better. It gives students the resources they need to be stewards of their campus environments.

When universities foster an engaged student body that cares about recycling, they tend to see an immediate reduction in waste management costs. More importantly, they create a culture that helps attract like-minded students who value sustainability.

It all starts with Recycling on Campus, a user-friendly app that students can take along wherever they go.

Recycle Coach at Work

Every organization, big or small, has a responsibility to its employees, community, and the world.

Imagine if every company had a sense of responsibility and stewardship toward the environment—if every company made responsible waste management choices and made climate change a priority. The world would be a different place.

When companies fulfill their responsibility to the environment, they create a better reputation for their brand. People want to work with you because your organization is doing good toward the health of the planet. A sense of pride and stewardship becomes part of the company culture. Employee morale improves. Turnover decreases. The quality of job candidates improves dramatically. And employees tend to stick around a lot longer.

Recycle Coach at Work provides workplace training and education about recycling. It’s fully customized to your local requirements and includes initial training, annual updates and onboarding.

Recycle Coach in School

Recycling at school is one thing, but what happens when students go home? They might live in an apartment building, where recycling rules are different. Or they might be the only English speaker in the household, with the adults relying on them for recycling best practices.

How can we better prepare our students to do the right thing at home?

Education is essential. We believe recycling needs to be part of a school’s curriculum, not just staff training. Otherwise, municipalities will continue to face high contamination costs resulting from inadequate (or non-existent) in-home recycling practices.

And that’s the challenge we aim to tackle with Recycling Education in Schools, a pilot program to teach students in grades 3-5 about recycling at home. It’s curriculum-based and includes five valuable hours of teacher-led instruction each year. Most importantly, it helps municipalities foster sustainable households and communities by giving students what they need to be the at-home recycling experts.