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Raise Your Residents’ Recycling IQ and End Wish-Cycling

Find out how counties and municipalities are using Recycle Coach to improve daily practices, enhance program performance, and become part of the solution.

“Contamination is a modern problem requiring a modern solution. How do we educate people about what they’re putting into the recycling bin? Hello, Recycle Coach.” – M. Pellessier, Borough of Madison, NJ

Our Approach

Learn our approach to helping you save your municipality’s recycling program and join the movement sweeping North America. Discover a suite of educational tools that is affordable, easy to integrate and doesn’t lock you into a complex contract.

Our Pricing

Find out how much Recycle Coach will cost your municipality each year. Designed to meet the needs of a constrained budget, our plans make essential technology available to every municipality, so that together we can combat increasing contamination rates.

Our Solution

Download the “Why America’s Recycling isn’t Working and What You Can Do about It” E-Book for free. Bad recycling habits cost cities $3.2 billion a year. This report outlines the challenges your municipality faces, and how to solve them.

Your Residents Don’t Have The Tools to Get Recycling Right

Recycling can be confusing, boring and overly-complicated. There are thousands of mixed-material products and no certain way for your residents to know what can and can’t be recycled.

As a result, they guess, they wish-cycle, or they don’t bother. Your residents aren’t sure of the recycling practices in your municipality. The right tools will motivate them to recycle better, with easy access to accurate information the moment they need it.

Give Your Residents a Way to Learn The Right Recycling Practices

Recycle Coach puts an end to harmful wish-cycling in your municipality. When used regularly by local residents, our app has proven to be drastically effective – and we’re proud of that! Customized to your municipality’s needs, we’ve seen up to 185% improvement after just a few months.

From personalized garbage and recycling collection calendars to essential communication tools and a popular Ask Milo “What Goes Where” search engine, this app was built to help your residents recycle better.

Interactive Lessons on Responsible Recycling

Food and liquid are the two  most prevalent contaminants of recyclables. Educate residents on how to keep items empty, clean, and dry before they go in the recycling bin, and why.

Bagged recyclables is a common issue experienced across municipalities. Our interactive campaigns tackle this issue.

Coated paper causes problems. We engage residents to learn examples of coated paper that cannot be recycled such as gift bags, coffee cups, and more.

Grease is gross. We engage residents on why and how it’s important to toss only clean cardboard and paper pieces into recycling.

If it tangles, then it mangles. Tanglers are items that can get stuck in the equipment at a recycling facility like ropes, wires, chains. Residents learn about this threat to recycling facilities from our campaigns.

Don’t be a dangerous dumper. Certain items can be dangerous when mixed with recycling, like batteries, light bulbs and medications. Our campaigns educate residents on these items.

If in doubt, throw it out. The Coachlings engage residents on how to curb contamination by disposing of things in the garbage instead of wish-cycling.

Every municipality has its challenges! With the Recycle Coach app, you can address specific problems with our interactive campaigns. Each campaign is designed to positively impact residents’ behaviors by addressing the best practices and major threats to recycling right.

The App That Injects New Life Into Your Recycling Programs

We’ve thought of every upgrade so you don’t have to.

The Recycle Coach app gives you a way to engage, teach and
explore the issues that are impacting your municipality’s community.
It’s time to go digital with your municipal recycling program!

• Fast, convenient recycling info that fits in the pocket of every resident
• The best customer service team ever (says New Jersey)
• Reach and engage more residents and track your ROI
• Residents can access recycling education on any device
• A revolutionary subscription model with no strings
• The most affordable recycle app on the market
• Just hours to setup, not days

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Municipalities Using Recycle Coach

Trailblazing Recycling Technology That Your Municipality Can Afford

It’s not uncommon for recycling technologies to demand large budgets.

Recycle Coach was intentionally created to break through the cost
barriers keeping municipalities from major positive change. Our affordable annual pricing is scalable, according to the size of your municipality.

With flexible plans and pricing, we offer budget-constrained municipalities the chance to drastically improve their recycling programs for the first time. You can’t afford to ignore the wish-cycling crisis with these prices.