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When recycling’s easy and engaging, more people do it and they do it right, reducing waste contamination and improving your ROI. Recycle Coach empowers your residents and teaches them to be better recyclers.

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Recycle Coach helps us better serve our customers by providing quick, easy, and helpful tools for understanding recycling in Tacoma!


L. Michaelsen

City of Tacoma, WA

Recycle Coach has been a great tool for our residents; they love the “What goes where?” feature and the ability to report issues right on their phones.


M. Schuler

City of Palmdale, CA

Contamination is a modern problem requiring a modern solution. How do we educate people about what they’re putting into the recycling bin? Hello, Recycle Coach.


M. Pellessier

City of Madison, NJ

We were asking ourselves, how can we connect with more residents to improve recycling? We needed more than a service- we needed to get the message out.


K. Maynard

City of Louisville, KY

Reduce Recycling Contamination

When residents don’t know if an item is recyclable, they guess – and often they guess wrong. Contamination happens. Contamination is when non-recyclables enter the recycling system and is a critical issue that threatens the viability of municipal recycling programs. More effective communication and education are essential to elevating the recycling IQ of your community.
With millions of users, Recycle Coach is the world’s largest network for municipal recycling education.

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Fees for recycling communication and education technology have reached a tipping point and are now more affordable than ever. There’s no reason to wait another minute. Check out our instant online quotes for municipalities with a population under 50,000, or request a custom quote.

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Recycling at Work

Most offices and lunchrooms have a recycling problem. Recycling bins containing straws and leftover food is just the tip of the iceberg. Something needs to change. Our mission is to make workplace recycling viable again, both for employers and employees.
Through our highly engaging and comprehensive recycling education program, employers across the country are prioritizing environmental custodianship without cutting into the bottom line. So, talk to your sustainability administrator and tell them about Recycle Coach at Work!