Our Solution | Recycle Coach simplifies local recycling rules for residents

Our Solution

People love networks.

From booking travel, getting weather information, to reporting potholes – networks make communication easier. For local recycling information, Recycle Coach is the #1 network choice.

Avoid unnecessary risks.

Why lock yourself in with a custom solution that could become obsolete? With the Recycle Coach app, you get a landing page within your branded website, and it’s easy to upgrade, downgrade or even leave the network entirely.

Any technology, any device.

Make it easy for residents to access the recycling information for your local program. When you join Recycle Coach, your waste and recycling program becomes accessible on every platform and every device – with no additional fees to you.

Getting Started is Easy!

Initial set-up is handled by our implementation team, using information on your website and other materials you provide. In just 2-8 hours, most clients will have set up and launched their program on the Recycle Coach app, depending on the package they choose.