Can I recycle corrugated cardboard boxes?

Cardboard boxes should be recycled, provided they are empty, clean and dry. Remove any packing materials and liners. Staples and small amounts of tape or glue are ok. Most local recycling programs want you to flatten cardboard boxes. Dispose of any cardboard boxes containing grease or a wax coating.

The presence of grease, oil or wax coating is extremely harmful to the recycling process, even to the point of spoiling entire batches of materials that would otherwise be recyclable. If you’re uncertain for any reason, it’s better to play it safe and dispose of the cardboard box in the garbage.

Need specific information for where you live?

Recycling rules differ from each municipality. Check the rules in your area by downloading the Recycle Coach app. Search your municipality here to see how active Recycle Coach already is in your area: