The do’s and don’ts of battery recycling

October 4, 2019

Each year, we throw out a whopping three billion batteries. That’s a lot of batteries. Question is, where do they all end up? Like other types of electronic waste (e-waste), batteries don’t go in your recycling or trash bins. Ever. Some…

recycle straws

Straws suck, but you don’t have to

October 4, 2019

In the U.S. alone, we use half a billion plastic straws daily. Yeah. Daily. To put it another way: on average, each person burns through 1.6 straws per day. Crazy, right? Especially since you only use that straw for about twenty minutes before tossing it…

greener yard waste

4 Ways to Make Your Yard Waste Greener

October 4, 2019

Spring is in full swing, and for those who have it, yard waste collection season is, too. When it comes to yard waste, or green waste, as some call it, most of us just bag it, bin it, or bundle…

5 crafty ideas to get rid of unwanted “stuff”

October 4, 2019

Whether you’re spring cleaning, looking to downsize, or just want to get rid of some clutter in your home, chances are you’ve got a pile of things you no longer want. Sure, you’ve recycled what you could and thrown out…