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Client spotlight: Cliff Walls and the City of East Lansing, MI

Supporting recycling education in a university town like East Lansing, MI comes with unique challenges.

As the home of Michigan State University, East Lansing sees its population swell by thousands every school year. Not only are these residents transient, but most are environmentally-minded students with an enthusiasm for eco-friendly habits that often results in wish-cycling.

Watch our full interview with Cliff Walls, Environmental Specialist for the City of East Lansing, MI, where we sat down to chat about their first year with Reycle Coach.

Some key highlights: 

  • In just one year, East Lansing has amassed 2,000+ residents using Recycle Coach app and sends close to 3,000 reminders monthly
  • Cliff uses every channel available from social media to word of mouth, to working with neighborhood presidents and including materials in water bill inserts to help drive downloads (as Cliff says, “find the unique ways to get the word out and let the magic happen.”)
  • Inbound calls from residents are in the single digits since implementing Recycle Coach

To learn more about our technology and how to work with us, please reach out to us here. (And if you missed it, make sure to check out our sit down with Kim Johnson from Olympia, WA!)