Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Start a movement to make recycling better in your hometown.

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Start a movement to make recycling better in your hometown and be a green pioneer.

20 /20

Be part of a grassroots movement to improve recycling in your community! By being one of the first 20 residents of your municipality to download the Recycle Coach app, you’ll earn the exclusive Founder Badge when your municipality enters Stage 2. Plus, you’ll unlock essential recycling information for you and every other resident.

Hooray! You’ve reached your target. Great job! Our Implementation team has been advised to upgrade your municipality to Stage 2. Soon you’ll have access to recycling pick-up reminders and the What Goes Where recycling look-up tool! Stay tuned for a status update!

Learn more about municipality stages.

Winnipeg is a Recycle Coach Stage 1 municipality

Most people are concerned about the environment and want to do the right thing. In fact, many think they already are doing what they can by recycling ‘everything’. This is known as ‘wish-cycling’ and it is the major contributor to a problem called contamination.

As a Stage 1 municipality, the tools your residents need to improve local recycling have not yet been unlocked. Getting to Stage 2 is easy. Simply get 20 residents to download the Recycle Coach app and select your municipality. You’ll be notified when recycling pick-up reminders and access to the What Goes Where sorting tool is available. By being one of the first 20 residents you’ll earn a Founders Badge when you enter Stage 2!

Workplace Recycling

People love Recycle Coach and local governments have embraced it as an inexpensive and effective way to improve recycling knowledge. Local businesses can now help boost recycling outcomes in their community by elevating recycling awareness in their workplace.

Taking the first step is easy. Download the Recycle Coach app and set up your home and workplace locations. It’s free and anyone can do it. You’ll have access to resources that help build recycling awareness and knowledge, both at work and at home.

Learn more about starting a recycling education
program at your workplace.


Does your workplace support recycling?

River East Transcona Sch Div
589 Roch St
Ctv Winnipeg
345 Graham Ave # 400
515 Portage Ave
603 Bonner Avenue, Winnipeg, MB
131 Thorn Drive, Winnipeg, MB
679 Laxdal Road, Winnipeg, MB
University Of Winnipeg
Canada Post
400 McDermot Avenue, Winnipeg, MB
Mosaic Massage
723 Saint Mary's Road, Winnipeg, MB
59 Park Valley Road, Winnipeg, MB
Jca Electronics
118 King Edward St E
Government of Manitoba
800 Portage Avenue, Winnipeg, MB
Tidal Cove, Winnipeg, MB
Parker Hannifin Canada
1305 Clarence Ave
51 Sloane Crescent, Winnipeg, MB
105 Rushmore Rd, Winnipeg, MB
City Of Winnipeg Manitoba
510 Main St # 5
Seven Oaks General Hospital
2300 Mcphillips St
Princess Auto Ltd
3292 Portage Ave # 14
147 Hawkins Crescent, Winnipeg, MB
Empty cup
Lanark Street, Winnipeg, MB
Winnipeg Dodge Chrysler
3965 Portage Ave, Winnipeg, MB
Sison Blackburn Consulting
5 Scurfield Blvd # 10
Rental (Rental)
1559 Wolseley Avenue West, Winnipeg, MB
Canada Member of Parliament
2855 Pembina Hwy, Winnipeg, MB
Red River College
2055 Notre Dame Ave
Caboto Centre
1055 Wilkes Ave
15 Orion Crescent, Winnipeg, MB
Sargent Park School
2 Sargent Park Pl
345 De Baets Street, Saint Boniface, Winnipeg, MB
55 Bethray Bay, Winnipeg, MB
University Of Manitoba
University Centre U Of M
485 Atlantic Ave, Winnipeg, MB
New Flyer Industries
630 Kernaghan Ave # 76
Avis Rent A Car
1350 King Edward St
249 Paddington Rd, Winnipeg, MB
Winnipeg Garbage Collection
76 Copperstone Crescent, Winnipeg, MB
51 ritchie st
51 Ritchie St, Winnipeg, MB
Faculty of Science, University of Manitoba
186 Dysart Road, Winnipeg, MB
The Real Escape Canada
3137 Portage Avenue, Winnipeg, MB
Manitoba Hydro
35 Sutherland Avenue, Winnipeg, MB
University Of Manitoba
66 Chancellors Cir # 230
Dynamic machine corp
1417 Dugald Road, Winnipeg, MB
Amalgamated Drywall Systs Ltd
1110 Mccalman Ave
Ecole Lacerte
1101 Autumnwood Dr
253 Del Monica Road, Winnipeg, MB
Lrm Inspection-Verification
500 Pandora Ave W
Princess Auto Ltd
475 Panet Rd
Bairdmore School
700 Bairdmore Blvd
St Boniface Hospital
409 Tache Ave
Gordon Bell High School
3 Borrowman Pl
Solvera Solutions
330 Portage Avenue, Winnipeg, MB
City Of Winnipeg Fire Paramed
107 Golden Boy Lane, Winnipeg, MB
139 Manford Close, Winnipeg, MB
Winnipeg Bulky Item Pickup
Brooks home
26 Brooks Cove, Winnipeg, MB
Seven Oaks Met School
640 Jefferson Avenue, Winnipeg, MB
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784 Wolseley Avenue, Winnipeg, MB
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48 Novara Drive, Winnipeg, MB
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34 Highgate Crescent, Winnipeg, MB
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51 Ritchie Street, Winnipeg, MB
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2295 Royal Winnipeg Rifles
120 Lanark Street, Winnipeg, MB
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161 Dexter Street, Winnipeg, MB
Winnipeg, MB
Boom Done Next
883 Notre Dame Ave # 1
Pan Am Minor Injury Clinic
75 Poseidon Bay # 185
Island Lakes Community School
445 Island Shore Blvd
1206 Dominion St, Winnipeg, MB
775 McCalman Avenue, Winnipeg, MB
Kitchen Craft Cabinetry
320 Maryland Street, Winnipeg, MB
Pro-Ag Products
1051 Marion St
North Moray Ctr
251 Saulteaux Cres
27 Sachet Place, Winnipeg, MB
909 Redwood Avenue, Winnipeg, MB
Pollard Banknote Ltd
140 Otter St
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79 Ringel Avenue, Winnipeg, MB
Winnipeg Transit
Northway Pharmacy Pharmacie Marion
191 Marion Street, Winnipeg, MB
West Gate Manor B B
71 West Gate
43 Duluth Bay, Winnipeg, MB
90 Tolcross Gate, Winnipeg, MB
Boom Done Next
883 Notre Dame Avenue, Winnipeg, MB
70 Khalsa Street, Winnipeg, MB
35 Cliffwood Drive, Winnipeg, MB
175 Cedargrove Crescent, Winnipeg, MB
Farpoint Films Inc
1335 Erin St # 202
Anarchy Studios
155 Provencher Blvd
Builders Furniture Ltd
695 Washington Ave
Investors Group
447 Portage Avenue, Winnipeg, MB
Health Science Ctr
1430 Ellice Ave
Computer Senseis
442 Aberdeen Ave, Winnipeg, MB
St Vital Tyre Swap
99 Alburg Drive, Winnipeg, MB
Crown Acura
1700b Waverley Street, Winnipeg, MB
Blink Eyecare
24 Lakewood Boulevard, Winnipeg, MB
College Of Pharmacists
200 Tache Ave
Mennonite Central Committee
134 Plaza Drive, Winnipeg, MB
Frontiers North Adventures
464 Hargrave Street, Winnipeg, MB
Wheelchair Services-Manitoba
30 Mckenzie St
Investors Group Inc
447 Portage Ave
Mennonite Central Committee
134 Plaza Drive, Winnipeg, MB
Community Education Dev Assoc
419 Selkirk Ave
City Of Winnipeg
Manitoba Winnipeg Mech Shop
1550 Dublin Ave
31 Greenford Avenue, Winnipeg, MB
Rainbow Resource Centre
170 Scott Street, Winnipeg, MB
Boom Done Next
883 Notre Dame Avenue, Winnipeg, MB
Mr T Driving School
253 Egesz Street, Winnipeg, MB
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201 Scott St # 4
15 Vine St, Winnipeg, MB
Grace Hospital
300 Booth Dr
Cadham Provincial Laboratory
750 William Ave